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Welcome to our database of new and used sails. Looking through our database is quick and easy . First choose what type of sail you are looking for (ie: Main Sail, Head Sail, Spinnaker, etc.). Next choose the size range appropriate for the luff length of the sail you are looking for. Then hit "Search". This will bring up a brief description of the sails we have in that size range. If you see a sail that interests you, hit the "View" button located on the left side of the page for a full description of that sail. We measure and evaluate each and every sail as it comes in. The sail descriptions you will see on our listings are the most complete descriptions available to you in the industry. If the sail has a rust spot, we will note it. Patches and restitching are also noted. We want you to know what our sails look like, so you are not surprised when you get them.

If you do not find a sail for your boat in our inventory, please visit our website again in a few days. We get sails in every day and our inventory is constantly changing. We update our online database several times a week.

If you would like to order one of these sails or if you have any questions, please call, fax or e-mail us.

As you look through our inventory, you will see that our sails have various ratings of their condition. These ratings are of the sail cloth itself. Patches, dirt and the like do not make the sail any weaker so they do not affect the rating we put on the sail. These cosmetic imperfections are noted and the price of the sail is adjusted accordingly. The chart below describes what our ratings mean:

Atlantic Sail Trader Rating Chart
New Custom A sail that we will make to your specifications
New Unused sail in our inventory
Like New Looks new but may have been used a few times
Very Good+ Over 95% life left
Very Good Over 90% life left
Good+ 80%-90% life left
Good 70%-80% life left
Good- 65%-70% life left
Good/Fair 60%-65% life left
Fair+ 50%-60% life left
Fair 45%-50% life left
Fair/Useable 40%-45% life left
Useable 1 or 2 seasons left


We realize it is difficult to buy sails over the internet or phone, so we have the best return policy in the business. We do not want you to be stuck with a sail that you do not like or does not fit your boat.


If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the sail PLEASE RETURN IT *within 30 days of receipt. We will refund 100% of the price of the sail. Guarantee void if you use the sail, but you may hoist it to see if it fits.

*For our northern customers who purchase sails in the winter.
Return policy starts May 1st


If you see a sail on our database that you really like, but its not quite perfect, fear not. Our experienced staff of sail makers can alter a sail to better suit your needs. From adding hanks or slides, to roller furling conversions, cut downs, restitching, even cutting spinnakers into cruising spinnakers, can all be done quickly and economically at our loft. Please keep in mind that a sail can only be shortened about 10% of its length.


Due to increasing demand, we have created a new category in our data base called "Decorative Sails". Sails listed are no longer good enough for the rigors of sailing, but are still functional for use as awnings, wall decorations, car or boat covers or just a drop cloth. Our decorative sails are non-returnable and have no warranty. Be sure to click on "view" next to the sail listed on the data base for a full description

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